Off the Moon Path by Jane Schulman

“Off the Moon Path,” by Jane Schulman, Waves Anthology: A Confluence of Women’s Voices


Here’s the dress I wore when we met

on the mountain ridge.  Light through pine

sparkled gold and scarlet threads.


When I slip this dress over my head,

I am Helios, God of the Sun,

scattering clouds and shadows.


For years I followed the moon path –

like an eland slips behind

a cypress when lions stalk


or a sailor reefs the mainsail

at the captain’s bark.

But on Juniper Ridge


my sun-self rose gold,

never to set again.




Jane Schulman is a poet who explores themes of love, death, and wonder in the everyday. Her poetry has appeared in various publications. “Off the Moon Path” was previously published in her first collection, Where Blue is Blue, by Main St. Rag Publishing Co.

Author: A Room of Her Own

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