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A collaboration between Liz Murata and 2013 Video Artist in Residence Anita Clearfield

Anita Clearfield

Anita’s creative project at the 2013 Retreat involved working individually with four different writers at the ranch. She said of the opportunity:

All of these partnerships influenced the process and the products, making for more layered and nuanced work, culminating in videos that were different than anything any one of us could do alone. I’m grateful that AROHO gave us the original opportunity to find each other and work together, as well as the time to follow-up with the post-production magic that could express and further enhance the unique moments we spent together in that special space.

These projects gave me a sense of how much I enjoy collaborating. I would love to work with other writers. I encourage women to contact me who are interested in creating intersections between text, images and sounds — whether we collaborate long-distance or in the same place.


Author: A Room of Her Own

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