My Room by Barbara Presnell


“My Room” by Barbara Presnell



In sum this work is about: The place where I have space that is mine and only mine, where words and pictures come, where thoughts are past and future, right and left, north and south, up and down, clockwise and counterclockwise. My pup and my pencil guide me.



Barbara Presnell’s Artist Statement: I call myself an artist with a big A, meaning Art is the umbrella for everything I do, both creatively and practically. I want to live my life so that it matters both to the world and to me. I succeed more in making it matter to me than I do making it matter in the world. But ripple by ripple, perhaps I’m making a small splash. I’m also a Writer–not a poet, not an essayist, not a memoirist. A Writer.

Author: A Room of Her Own

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