Maxine by Sun Cooper


“Maxine” by Sun Cooper




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Sun Cooper Artist Statement: 

Sun Cooper has been in AROHO community since 2015 and served five years as WAVES editor and Fire Heart Sister. Prior, she was named AROHO’s Blackbird Fellow and attended the writer’s retreat at Ghost Ranch where she first found sisterhood in the world of arts and letters. It was here that Sun shared about the Ghigau, the Cherokee beloved-war-women who modeled a way of leadership guided equally by compassion and courage. Sun is a single mother, published author, editor, and director of Sun Literary, a diverse women-led agency based in Oklahoma with virtual agency worldwide. Having hearing disability from birth has forged her vision beyond perceived boundaries and facilitated deep listening. Her multiple inheritances as a daughter of Indigenous, migrant, and settler ancestors shape her commitment to shared progress.

Author: A Room of Her Own

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