2018 Legacy Fellowship

Celebrating Twenty Legacy Fellows

In honor of Virginia Woolf’s words that as creative women “we think back through our mothers,” this fellowship gift is from AROHO Founder Darlene Chandler Bassett. Receiving a place in Darlene’s “Artistic Ancestors & Creative Memory” master class; award-winning books; and Virginia Woolf haul to hearten creativity and community, we are thrilled to announce the twenty winning Legacy Fellows.

Elizabeth Solet
Traci Gamet
Stinne Folving
Tamra Carraher
Shizue Seigel
Monica Comas
Spider Road Press
Samantha Schinder
Cristina Adams
Jennifer Campbell
Jean DeVito
Deborah Tobola
Joselyn Estruch Branger
Michelle Lanzoni
Mary Hattori
Andrea Mozarowski
Linda Diamond
Amy Herschleb
Pretty Pops (donation for Christina Dudley)
Devora Swanson

Our deepest gratitude to all those who donated for The Legacy Fellowship Gift. Your donations will ripple outward into more gifts and opportunities to come.


Author: A Room of Her Own

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