Laura Austin

Laura Austin

Laura Austin experienced her first taste of writing in elementary school when her story The Giant Mouse, a tragic tale about a rodent who ate too much cheese, lost a second-grade writing contest.

She recently completed her first middle grade novel while enrolled in StoryStudio’s Kid Lit in a Year program with fellow 2015 AROHO participant, Lisa Sukenic. Under the tutelage of Juliet Bond, Laura discovered her passion for witty dialogue and unique characters. It is her dream that The Life and Love of Toulouse LaTortue: An American Turtle in Paris will be read and loved by children other than her own.

Currently, Laura resides in Chicago with her husband and two children whose energy is limitless and inspiring. Eager to listen and eager to learn, Laura is forever grateful to have this opportunity. Oh, and she likes photography, the color green and polka dots, too.

Author: A Room of Her Own

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