Her Name is Waves

Waves shapes her into us.
With all we seek to manifest together,
we aim for what Ellen McLaughlin describes as
“a shore [we] have never visited.”

We are excited to see our first Waves Anthology cresting toward a collective of advocates ready to receive her, moving her into the publication process and, eventually, our hands.
Her name is Waves and she is 300 hundred women’s voices strong, both established and new, swelling out from a call that began in the desert of Abiquiu to “make room for women’s creative, unguarded responses to each other’s voices and concerns.”
Since then, AROHO has evolved and expanded that call to “make room” for any woman, anywhere in the world, who wants to stand shoulder to shoulder and manifest a new paradigm for creative women.
In every movement of our Waves together,
we make our way to a new shore.



“[At] the sight of breathtaking magnificence created by human minds and hands …
I have no fear nor anxiousness …
I have an agreement to fulfill. There is much work to be done.”
Jessica Jay Dee, excerpted “Potentially Human,” The Q


“Memory of Evolution” art by Kathy Bruce, The Q

Author: A Room of Her Own

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