“Granddaughter of Stonewall” by Ona Marae

“Granddaughter of Stonewall” by Ona Marae

Why do I write?

I write because of them.

I write because of solemn women, in sensible shoes and fedoras, wearing three articles of

women’s clothing.

I write because of laughing women, who lean across campfire pits, braving growing flames

to hand hot dogs to lovers and friends.

I write for herstory documented

for lives recorded

for stories told and retold.

I write because now I am in the history books, thankyouverymuch.

I write because of the women upon whose shoulders I stand.

I walk in puddles of blood shed – not a

fancy metaphor but actual

sticky, sweet-smelling blood,

spilt by those who don’t understand

and those who do fear or worse who

do hate us and our

stories told and lived

and retold. I write

because of them.

I write because they wrote. I write because I am a granddaughter of Stonewall.

I write for our daughters to come

So that they, that she

May stand on my shoulders

On a literary card house that

Does not topple.

But grows stronger, firmer, more robust and richly colored with every passing generation.

I write because of them.

I write for them.


I was born in 1964, I was discovered by Girl Scout Counselors in 1974 and led into the world I choose to call home. I am a white, poor, disabled,college-educated, former Women’s Advocate from a DV shelter. I’m currently a single lesbian with one published novel recovering from brain surgery. – Ona Marae

Author: A Room of Her Own

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