Gifts for Your Creativity and Sustenance

We invite you to refresh yourself with the possibilities of Gifts of Fellowship, designed to evoke creativity and sustenance for women who need a room, a reclamation, or a reawakening of her own.
Because we share this space together as creative women, we have extended our fellowship offerings in a desire to dive deeper into our ethos of reciprocity, to create more intimate portraits of the gifts and of the generous women who offer them.
This is your room; this is what we are here for.


The Rockvale “Power of Creativity” Gift of Fellowship

“Our uniqueness is our power. Our Creative spirit is our power. Our words are power and light.” – Sandy Coomer, author and founder of the Rockvale Writers’ Colony
The winning fellow will receive a week’s stay at Rockvale Writers’ Colony located in pastoral Middle Tennessee.


The Kipp Crutchfield Gift of Fellowship

“In honor of Kipp Crutchfield, my mother, a woman who chose to claim her potential, returning to school at 38, completing a bachelor’s and master’s, while raising her children and tending to elderly family. She showed the gift of creating the extraordinary from the ordinary, inspiring me to carve my own dreams from life.
In honor of taking risks, the joy of art, and exploring the creative self, the winning fellow will receive one hour of consultation of claiming self, goal identification, and reducing the chaos of journey we create in our minds while trying to navigate through obstacles both real and created.” – Kristi Crutchfield Cox, MEd, MS, LPC
The winning fellow will receive intuitive consultation and a generous gift basket laden with creative tools to reclaim herself and her journey.


The “Self-Reflection” Gift of Fellowship

“The self-portrait is a composition of structured forces and aspects of our developed knowledge of life. It is a guide toward ‘Who am I?'” – Linda Troeller, published photographer and author
This gift offers intuitive, expert guidance through a three-months self-portrait experience to take one woman to a deeper understanding of her selfhood and its powers. A final artistic photo, edited by Linda Troeller will be published in Waves.


There’s More …

We will announce the dates for each drawing soon; but keep your eyes peeled for a special announcement about stirring new additions to the Fire Heart Circle; a brand new Gift of Fellowship from a 2018 Legacy Fellow, Andrea Mozarowski; and a surprising conversation between artist and new AROHO board member, Karina Puente, and famed self-portrait artist and author, Linda Troeller, this June.
Every gift of fellowship and donation expands more possibilities for all of us.
Read intimate letters from these generous women and find out more about their gifts here.

Author: A Room of Her Own

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