Fracture by Juanita Kirton


“Fracture” by Juanita Kirton


narrows of light rest on me feets’

                                                             these same feets’ that carried us here

heavy darkness            bears on my body

                                                             a body that finds no peace

the light that is            FREEDOM            passed me by

                                                             a promise in words

parched and hollow

                                                             my time a continuous rotation of sun and moon

labor            sweat            pain            loss

                                                             me children birthed            then taken

eyes of mothers            powerless to see or claim the seeds

                                                             there no such thing as a wish or dream

to pursue such                                is your song



to continue on this writing journey, continue to go deeper, wider, longer and higher



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Juanita Kirton Artist Statement:

Poet and writer, Juanita gathers inspiration as she rides her motorcycle across this country. As Black, gay, elder and educator she listens to her Barbadian ancestors and gives voice to their words and songs. Juanita is currently working on her first full length poetry collection, dedicated to her mother, who left her a cookbook full of recipes, poems, prayer and pictures.

Author: A Room of Her Own

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