Fall 2011 eMessage Winners


Printed with permission by Aimee Anderson, copyrighted by Aimee Anderson @ 2011

This, our writing, is not for our to-do-lists. We wake up and write and sleep and write. If we are writers, we do not forget.



Printed with permission by Steffi Drewes, copyrighted by Steffi Drewes @ 2011

Lovelorn honeybee repeat after me:

blushing builds no bravery


to strut is not the same as dirty sea legs nor shameful



say mountain like you mean it


Dealt the aces wild, delve

and don’t come back without a promise


packing heresy in your haunches

say I am what’s missing most



Printed with permission by Phyllis Jean Green, copyrighted by Phyllis Jean Green @ 2011

You are 78 years old. What are you waiting for???



Printed with permission by Debra Sudy, copyrighted by Debra Sudy @ 2011

Darling, did the sun rise today? Then pick up the pen and tell me. Love, your Muse.



Printed with permission by Libby Wiersma, copyrighted by Libby Wiersma @ 2011

I am a woman who has the power to change the world. Through my words, I can say the same of you. When you read the words, we both believe in the message and each other. That’s how the seed of change is sown.

Author: A Room of Her Own

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