En El Jardin by Karina Puente



“En El Jardin” by Karina Puente, symbol of AROHO’s Global Summer Camp

“En El Jardin translates to In The Garden.
The Guardian of Imagination is our Guide.


Welcome Sisters,

Thank you for being here. Today, we appreciate how far we’ve come by enjoying a refreshing drink and refreshing the page. By taking a cool deep breath, in and out, we clear our minds long enough to enter through the image.

Here in the garden, our senses are heightened and we notice that color is a medicinal frequency. We become aware of our heartbeat and feel it steady us. Our senses are awakened and we remember we have answers within.

Focus and feel the ever-loving presence of our imagination. Imagine a nation where women’s most powerful tools are art and writing. Imagine a nation where our currency is the charged current between us fully activated when we hold seeds of Joy. Let us now put down our assignment of struggle and lift up the light of satisfaction to warm our faces as we watch our gardens grow for years to come.

May we know we are never alone when the Guardian of Imagination is our Guide. May we know we are never alone En El Jardin.

With care,

Karina Puente
Founder, Karina Puente Arts Studio, Visual Artist, Sight Seer

Author: A Room of Her Own

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