Breakfast with Allen Ginsberg, by Esther Cohen


Esther Cohen is on the AROHO Board of Directors, and has authored several books of poetry, fiction, and nonfiction. Breakfast with Allen Ginsberg is her sixth book.

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1 Allen Ginsberg
or I Wanted to Be a Poet

Part One

When I moved to New York City in the ‘70s from Ansonia small factory town in Connecticut
Allen G was who I wanted to meet Jean Boudin

Good Beat Poet
said Allen will see anyone
if they’ll buy him breakfast
Found his number from Kenneth Koch and I of ce temp at Rochester Button had plenty of breakfast money
In the diner he was Allen Ginsberg
I was Esther Cohen
Ask me anything he said in exchange for two eggs
Can I be

a poet like you
Not having read even one word
he said You Are a Poet
Esther Cohen
Can I quote you I asked
You have my lifetime permission
he said and all these years later I am

Part Two

A few weeks ago at a poet’s retreat in San Miguel de Allende British poet laureate a Sir did not like
my poems You he said infusing You with Ultimate British Disdain You he repeated are in the same category as that American poet

Allen Ginsberg
At long last I replied At long last

Esther Cohen

Author: A Room of Her Own

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