And Rose Our Voices Like Waves

Dear Creative Woman,

Today we respond to the call of our times and our community to release the confluence of women’s voices — both from our anthology and new work — into shared, published WAVES.






“Dragging Virginia Woolf’s Body Out of the Ouse” WAVES digital cover art by Christy Sheffield Sanford, Artist in Residence, Global Day Camp, Oct. 24




“There Was a Door” by Leatha Kendrick, from Waves: A Confluence of Women’s Voices
“There was a door to the river
I never lived beside — a door
on its changing shoreline, its shining.
                 My hand on the lever.”


(Previously published in her 2020 book, And Luckier)





“At Least Prostitutes Bring Home Money” by Sokunthary Svay, from Waves: A Confluence of Women’s Voices
“My whole life you never know who I am.”





“Leaves are Waves are Us” by Sacha Rosel, New Work

Watercolour pencils on paper (10x10cm/39.37inchesx39.37inches) and poem, August 2020


In the phosphorescent hem of light I met my sisters,
a crumpled heap forgotten on the ground.
We exhaled our trembling births,
an oval breath expanding from each other’s filaments,
and made our secret sound happen,
jade-leaping into a new truth,
jumping blue streams and pearlish-grey purples,
fuchsia enchantment of chromatic prayers, instants lost and erased.
And rose our voice like waves stronger than wind, until the world was now and us and our story unwritten,
finally loud and vivid: We are the instants beyond silence, and the words within silence rising like fire in the sky.


I consider the small painting and the poem as one single work, as they were both created as my personal comment to the AROHO Global Summer Camp 2020 experience.


Author: A Room of Her Own

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