Advice from Mother on Your One Less Day by Les Bernstein


“Advice from Mother on Your One Less Day” by Les Bernstein


skip obligation’s inescapable sins
wiggle out of pigeonholes
enjoy happenstance and flux
don’t forget to floss

clog the clunky machinery of belief
refuse templates of self
ignore persistent memory
elbows off the table

airbrush your self portrait
invite farcical pratfalls
avoid hard labor’s invitation to bruise
shoulders back stand up straight

one day a chill seeps into bones
clouds will scud at dusk
adventures of a single consciousness
turn to particle and ash

until then
navigate by lightless stars
hand write thank you notes
rsvp yes to everything




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Les Bernstein lives in Mill Valley, California. Her poems have appeared in journals, presses and
anthologies in the U.S and Europe. Her Chapbooks Borderland, Naked Little Creatures and Amid the
Din have been published by Finishing Line Press.



Author: A Room of Her Own

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