A Part of You and You and You

Excerpt from Carolyn Gall’s “Mother” in response to The Q: Where I Am From

We all draw different words from each other and are a part of each other. We are honored to share an excerpt of “Mother” by Carolyn Gall. We invite you to read her full work below.

In the spirit of Carolyn’s call, we want to take a special opportunity to invite you to become a part of a shared dialogue. Comment, forward, or creatively respond to women’s words and art shared here in digital Waves on AROHO’s public dialogue thread via Twitter. Be sure to tag @aroomofherown and to make yourself seen by us and the community by using the hashtag campaign: #womenmakewaves

Aligned with our shared purpose, we ask that responses “encourage and celebrate dialogue and art which springs from a source of resolute awareness.” Wave upon wave, we lift each other.

Your presence is everything.

Konen Uehara Waves, art by Georgia Fowler

Quote from The Waves by Virginia Woolf


by Carolyn Gall


I’m from Eden, Adam and Eve
Do not be deceived
I’m from Mesopotamia
I’m from Academia
The deep forests decay
From the ocean and cay
When the planet was new
And creatures were few.
I came to partake of the splendor
To become part of life as it grew
I’ve been here forever
Some call me mother, some Earth,
I’m a part of you and you and you.

Author: A Room of Her Own

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