The Q

Dear Creative Woman, you are not alone.

Introduced in 2013, The Q is AROHO’s unlimited gathering. Every woman is welcome.

The Q is the central source of our dialogue as creative women. Welling up from this source, women’s voices and art will be curated and amplified in Waves, a cross-media publication platform, and archived in partnership with creative women. As we gather both locally and virtually around a dialogue we shape together, evidence of our gifts, resources, and possibilities will exponentially grow.

There are two ways to lend your voice to this collaborative narrative and vision unique to creative women.

Enter the Full Q

Explore intimate questions freely in this “room of our own” and respond with candor. We resolve to hold a safe, sacred space for you. Your contribution to the Q will only be published with your permission.

Submit Your Creative Response to Individual Qs

Respond with your words, your art, your music, your own creative riposte, however you are compelled, to each Q as it is featured.