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You are invited to submit in response to the question currently featured in Waves or any of the focal questions guiding our shared dialogue: Who Am I as a Creative Woman, What Do My Artistic Ancestors Tell Me, What is a Room of Your Own, What is Your Creative Origin Story, and more.

Click on our “Submit” button to submit in response to one of these questions via our Submittable page. By submitting your original visual art, poetry, imagery, music (share lyrics and a link to your music video), essay or excerpts (up to 5 pages) through Submittable in response to our Q (question) featured in Waves, you are granting us permission for possible publication – in whole or excerpts – in digital Waves and Waves archives, which may also be shared on our website and social platform. We are an open-access, non-exclusive publication with a long view of sharing women’s voices. Your work remains your own and remains in consideration for as long as it remains in our Submittable pool. Since our intention is to tinder a collaborative narrative, we’d like to consider your thoughtful submission for both near and future digital Waves, as we continue relevant questions and opportunities to elevate women’s voices, art, and experiences.

For those who wish to enter the full Q as a personal experience of a “room of her own” to explore your own identity and work as a creative woman, please indicate your preference for privacy or grant us permission to possibly publish some of your response in Waves publication or our Waves website archive as part of a shared dialogue. Enter the full Q here.