Our Legacy

Born from eighteen years of collective wisdom, and ambitious, radical programs intended to transform the paradigm of the creative woman, we’ve worked, learned, and felt our way here.

We are finally and wholly a generative, generous movement of women writers and artists achieving boundless change together.


We are circles within one circle. There is space for you here.


“The Circle”

In the first year of the new century, two women entered the forest, one from the west, the other from the east. One bearing the armor of a corporate suit and one the armor of a nun’s habit. The work was hard and the armor, no use in the chopping, was left behind them. Lighter now, they moved quickly through the forest and, just as the last light set, came together to make a clearing by the river. That night they told each other their stories and their deepest needs and pledged to meet there again.

Back in the world, they spoke to other women about what happened when they were together—about how their dreams were born from their own voices spoken out loud and how It was all made possible by the woman listening. They told them about how their voices grew louder, more powerful so that they could hold the size of their dreams. Each time it was easier and faster to get to the clearing—and each time one found the other waiting for her. And always they pledged to meet there again soon. Each knew when she stayed away, when she was too busy to go, that she only hurt herself. And even then, sometimes, too often, she stayed away. Over the years, they were joined by other women who braved the forest, pulled there by their desire to speak their own dreams, their need to speak them out loud to women of like-minds. And so, an ever-widening circle was formed in that clearing by the river.

“The Clearing”

When we sit with truth long enough, when we give it our steady company, and especially when other women join us in a circle around it, it begins to radiate new life, and we know we are not alone.

AROHO was born from two women keeping company with the unbeautiful truth—that they were isolated, that their needs were profound. In a circle of two, each of their questions and spoken needs became their gifts, first to each other and, as the circle expanded to many others. This culture of reciprocity is the genesis of every gift AROHO has ever given.

Our New AROHO is a promise to reshape the representation of the world from within that culture, finally and wholly embodying Virginia’s belief that “we are the words; we are the music; we are the thing itself,” a generative, generous movement of women writers and artists advancing our art and agency worldwide.

Within our current landscape, we need more than a room of our own, we need a clearing of our own. We’ve cut a clearing generous enough to hold each woman’s transparent narrative, sparking and tending a completely unique discussion in the world of arts. We call this living clearing The Q, AROHO’s biggest, unlimited gathering, and the Gift of Freedom for our time.

Through diversely relevant points of entry and a thoughtfully evolving series of questions, The Q is at once a timely vessel and potent agent for change. Grounded in our freedom of inquiry and expression, quantified in a social-science database, amplified in published, inventive Waves, and secured in a prominent archive, The Q fashions a stunningly intimate, expert platform for women’s creative agency, elevating the voices, art, and distinct experiences of creative women en masse.

Dear Creative Woman, our mission is a heart-filled anthem of freedom whose beat is the pulse of our deepest need and whose rhythm is a commitment to align our unassailable agency to do what we must for ourselves and each other. We claim and cultivate this clearing as a necessary act of the heart. We resolve to make real and sustain the waves of our agency together.