“When we speak we are afraid our words will not be heard or welcomed. But when we are silent, we are still afraid. So it is better to speak.” –Audre Lorde, The Black Unicorn: Poems


Q: “Hello, I’m working on The Q. Wondering what happened to the Waves anthology?”

A: A first draft of the anthology has been arranged and sent to a second reader...(click to read more)

All the written pieces of the Waves anthology have now been arranged into sections, and the first draft of each section has been read by a second reader. Now we are in the midst of imagining all the ways we can get our book into reader’s hands, and all of our voices out into the world! We are happy to share that, in addition to the inaugural anthology, Waves is an ongoing platform which elevates the voices of women in The Q through future digital and print publications.

Q: “Perhaps you could start making us all a little more comfortable in the Q by starting at the beginning?”

A: The Q is an acronym for 'query'...(click to read more)

We birthed the idea for The Q in 2013 to deepen understanding and support for Gift of Freedom applicants. An acronym for ‘query,’ The Q was always intended to spark and tend an ongoing conversation with creative women. In its symbolic evolution, and with the benefit of today’s acute focus and widening support, we now realize The Q as a circle with a point of entry for each of us and a source of inspiration and inquiry.

Q: “Filling out the questions in the Q was an interesting experience. To me, it felt somewhat like writing in a private journal. I wondered to myself, “Who will be reading my private thoughts?”

A: We are flesh and blood artists and writers...(click to read more)

Those of us curating The Q are flesh and blood artists and writers who are also journeying through The Q ourselves. As editors, executives, and board members of AROHO, we are all here because of and for AROHO, and proud to call each other friends. We meet virtually and in-person on a regular basis, reading the gathering responses from The Q purposefully, gratefully, and with great respect for our privacy and distinct experiences. Each of us is free to answer the questions we encounter in The Q as we want to, however we want to.

Q: “Good inspiring questions! However, I tried 3 times to save what I had answered, tried submitting even though it wasn’t finished, and got disconnected each time. Please get back to me after there’s a website for better functionality, thanks.”

A: We suggest composing lengthier responses in a word document...(click to read more)

In an ideal world, we would pop over to your house with a pot of coffee and troubleshoot technical difficulties together. For now, our best suggestion is to compose lengthier responses in a word document outside of The Q. If your connection is lost before you can submit, you may return to the link later without losing your work. Eventually, we will house The Q on our website and we look forward to that day; but for now, we are using a secure, commonly used third-party platform and hope you’ll give it another valiant effort in the meantime.

Q: “What can I expect in The Q?”

A: A chance to explore, submit, and offer ideas in an artistic process...(click to read more)

Explore 30 some female-centric questions in an artistic process.

“An artist’s work is almost entirely inquiry based and self-regulated.” – Teresita Fernandez, What It Really Takes to Be an Artist

Submit your responses, art, and letters for publication in the digital Waves.

“If there is something I can cast off, that will make me light enough to fly up and tell my story, please tell me what it is.” – Susan Gaissert, The Q

Offer your own ideas, needs, interests, and potential to the circle of creative women to shape how we may change our landscape together.

“I leave behind the truth that creative women change the world. I will take with me the knowledge that I don’t have to save the world alone.” – Lydia Valentine, The Q

Q: How can I contribute or submit my own creative work?

A: Within The Q, you will find an ongoing opportunity to submit your art and letters...(click to read more)

Within The Q, you will find an ongoing opportunity to submit your art and letters for digital Waves publication via Submittable. You will find guidelines as well as welcome for your unbounded truth and creativity.

Q: How can I comment on or respond to the work of others?

A: For now, we have an open platform on Twitter in which women can connect to a shared dialogue...(click to read more)

Great question, and the answer is one that will continue to expand and grow in opportunities to do so. For now, we have an open platform on Twitter in which women can connect to a shared dialogue and respond to other women’s work by using the identifiable hashtag #womenmakewaves. Additionally, you are free to share the work with others in whatever circles you like, whether online or locally, as long as credit is given to the artist and AROHO. You can also submit your own work through The Q in response to other women’s work, in this way we make wave upon wave, and amplify women’s voices.

Q: What is your intention?

A: To make and expand our creative possibility and resources as creative women...(click to read more)

Our intention is to make and expand our creative possibilities and resources wave upon wave, shoring up each other and impacting our current landscape as creative women. Some of the ways we are already evidencing this: Sparking a unique, social conversation about our realities and native wisdom as creative women in the world of arts; broadly sharing the voices and work of women in Waves print and digital publications, securing the legacy of creative women in a national archive, and more to come. Above all, our intention is to listen, collaborate, and imagine together.

Q: “I confess to mystification as to what, exactly, this is all about. Creative women supporting one another, yes, but how?

A: We start with broad inclusion and creative freedom and allow connections and opportunities to blossom from there...(click to read more)

A: We long to close the great gap between those women who have experienced face-to-face experiences in past AROHO retreats with those women who haven’t, and seek to turn the paradigm around with The Q. In The Q, we start with broad inclusion and creative freedom and let connections and opportunities blossom from there. Naturally, this is a process of conversion, and we are asking women to uniquely collaborate in this process with us. It’s our belief that the act of populating the virtual clearing of The Q will organically manifest real gatherings and gifts for many women, not just a few.

Q: “What will happen next?”

A: You are what happens next...(click to read more)

We are present and actively listening to you in The Q, strengthening and shaping the possibilities emerging therein. Know that there is a circle of women working diligently behind-the-scenes to bring you the specifics we all deserve and desire, and soon.