Our Purpose

Dear woman of art and letters,

As Modern-day counterparts of Virginia Woolf, Shakespeare’s Sister, and The Wild Woman, we encourage and celebrate dialogue and art which springs from a source of resolute awareness— our creative selves, our native wisdom, and our legacy. Our purpose is to call each other out of our isolation and current landscape so that our impact and influence shore each other up and move outward in waves. We sustain an accessible, inviting pathway for all creative women into our circle, and honor our need for and connection with each other. We resolve to populate a clearing with our truth, presence, and gifts, and to elevate and gain ground for the letters, art, and distinct experience of every woman in every circle.

We invite you to:

Share our purpose by signing your name.
Claim unique space as a creative woman in the virtual clearing of The Q.
Contribute and receive the gift of our circle’s voices, art, and distinct experiences in digital Waves.