AROHO is a room of her own where creative women are seen and heard.  Through online publication and virtual gatherings curating the diverse, global voice of creative women, the shape, size, and capacity of our room changes exponentially.  Together, we make room for each other and our work in our way.


Our Room

A global, inclusive circle, we make room for each other in unique ways. We sign our names to a shared purpose with intention and commitment to our creative work and wellbeing. Honoring our legacy, and in accordance with our vow and acknowledgment, we start by asking ourselves what we need and what we will do with what we have.


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Our Work

Our monthly digital WAVES publication curates our transparent, reciprocal conversation, bringing both the anthology and new submissions together, both established and new literary voices. Our library is overflowing with stories buoyed in Our Room, and our art is our destination on the horizon. Our invitation to submit and receive is free to every woman around the world who calls herself a writer or artist.


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Our Way

Here in Our Room, we live in intimate connection. Beginning with our anthem and the exploration of our creative selves, we invite each other to reclaim our creative wellbeing. Our Way is sisterhood and reciprocity. We give generously of our time and space, creating opportunities to virtually gather, make art side by side, and gift each other our wisdom.


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A 2020 Message from the Women of AROHO
Who could have guessed the year of our 20th Anniversary would be so historically momentous? The message isn’t lost to any of us: more than ever, we need each other. To expand the reach of our words and art as women writers and artists, to heal, to empower, to lift each other. Whatever unfolds in the days and weeks to come, the women of AROHO remain committed to this joyful and necessary work.
Together, we strengthen our stunning global community as writers and artists, ascend our inherited and learned wisdom, and lean into each other and the long view of shared progress.
Your presence is everything.