Our Purpose

When you sit with truth long enough, when you give it steady company, and especially when others join you in a circle around it, it begins to radiate new life.

Born from eighteen years of collective wisdom, ambitious effort, and radical programs intended to transform the paradigm of the creative woman, we have worked, learned, and felt our way here.

Together, we enter a clearing in which every woman may attend, receive and contribute. We are finally and wholly a generous, generative movement of women writers and artists reclaiming the paradigm of the creative woman in waves of boundless possibility.

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As modern-day counterparts of Virginia Woolf, Shakespeare’s Sister, and The Wild Woman, we honor a principled, inclusive approach to our agency together:

We confront our isolation and live our artistic purpose by being present for ourselves and for each other.

We cultivate inclusion by bringing others into the circle, sharing our truth and needs, and giving our artistic, expert, and fiscal gifts in mutual support.

We welcome each woman who wishes to keep company with her truth, and respect and honor the letters, art, and distinct experiences of every woman in every circle.

Gathered together, our truths and gifts make real and sustain the waves unleashed by our radical connections.