The Waves Anthology

The cornerstone of the Waves platform is the anthology, premiering with A Confluence of Voices, inspired by Virginia Woolf and featuring Maxine Hong Kingston alongside the voices of hundreds more modern-day creative women.



Can you tell us about the AROHO Waves anthology?


A-full-cg2Our working title is Waves: A Confluence of Women’s Voices, Inspired by Virginia Woolf, and featuring Maxine Hong Kingston. This is going to be a book like no one has ever seen before, featuring remarkable work from AROHO women that make that wave lift off the page and also in the reader’s own writerly self.


How is the anthology connected to AROHO’s ongoing mission to end the isolation of creative women?

A-full-cg2This book will work toward ending our isolation from each other, and will make our native wisdom and our power even more visible out in the culture at large.