Global Summer Camp

In creative sisterhood, and without hesitation or further delay, we dare to open what is precious and valuable to us for engagement and expansion.

AROHO’s Global Summer Camp for Women Writers and Artists


August 10-14, 2020

“En El Jardín,” palette knife oil painting on wood panel by Karina Puente, hostess of Global Summer Camp


August 10-14, 5-day AROHO Global Summer Camp, $150 USD

August 11-12, 2-day AROHO Global Mini Summer Camp, $95 USD

Each day, 11am – 2pm ET, 15:00 – 18:00 GMT

This is a virtual gathering online. Zoom enabled.

Registration is closed.

* The first 5 women to purchase either a 2-day or 5-day camp will receive one-on-one mentoring sessions as Gifts of Fellowship, such as expert mentoring with Bernadette Smyth on successfully writing grants to fund your creative work.
Fulfill Your Creative Intention Within Community

AROHO’s leadership is offering a virtual, global platform for Five Days or Two days, for women writers and artists to advance their creative work in sisterhood. Each attendee will work to begin and/or complete their project during deep dive creative sessions, and through collective surfacing and wisdom sharing receive practical tools to chart their own course in today’s landscape of the literary and visual arts.  

In just 5 days: Feel the boundless joy of beginning or completing your creative project. Become a part of a diverse community of women who dream creatively. Discover the essential ingredients of your own sustainable creative life. Work Your Way, independently yet together in Our Room, and gain wisdom from each other.

Each three-hour day (11am to 2pm ET, 15:00 – 18:00 GMT) will follow the same arc—roughly half the time immersed in independent work, the other half engaged in collective activities to include brief but potent wisdom sharing on the following topics: 

Day 1     Moving from the Echo Chamber of Self Doubt to Creative Echolocation, Darlene Chandler Bassett  


Day 2     Map Your Own Way in Today’s Landscape of the Arts (publishing/visual arts), Sun Cooper  


Day 3     Know Your Value as an Artist, Where to Start, How to Keep Going, Karina Puente  


Day 4     Go Where You are Needed and Loved, Sun Cooper  


Day 5     Our Room Our Work Our Way — Our Anthem, Darlene Chandler Bassett 


Once upon a time, before the COVID-19 Pandemic stopped the planes in the sky and the people from gathering, there were women writers and artists who met in the high desert ruled by Pedernal and millions of night stars. They came together in circles of all sizes until they were filled with each other’s stories and the possibilities of connection. They laid down their armor by writing poems for each other, painting each other, crying together, laughing so hard that beer bubbled out of their noses, dancing so wildly together that they didn’t think the music, The Bohemian Rhapsody, could ever end. Sad, they waved goodbye to departing buses and reluctantly re-entered the outside world. How would they ever find their way back to that place that changed them so long ago?

Q:  What can I do where I am?  – Toni Morrison