Gift of Freedom Showcase

Diane GilliamDiane Gilliam, 6th Gift of Freedom Recipient

…And if still I can’t say
what it is I am wanting, look closely at the windowpane,
it’s what I brought you here to see–how it holds us
in that house apart from what we want,
how the glass makes it look
like there is nothing
to stop us
at all.—Read more of “Girl” from Diane Gilliam’s Gift of Freedom application

Diane Gilliam lives in Akron, Ohio, where she works as both poet and quilter. She has a Ph.D. in Romance Languages and Literatures from Ohio State University, and an MFA from Warren Wilson. She is the recipient of A Room Of Her Own’s 6th Gift of Freedom Award.  Click here for more about Diane’s work, and her experiences during the Gift of Freedom grant.

Barb JohnsonBarb Johnson, 5th Gift of Freedom Recipient

We write to say, You are not alone. We write the thing that can’t be said, that no one wants to remember, the thing that will be a bright moment for a stranger, the way another’s writing was a bright moment for us. Ah ha! We tell our part of the story; we recreate the view from our window. We pass what we have to those who are hungry for it because we, ourselves, have been hungry.—Read more from Barb Johnson’s Gift of Freedom application

Barb Johnson is a fiction writer from New Orleans, Louisiana. She is the recipient of A Room Of Her Own’s 5th Gift of Freedom Award.  Read more about Barb’s work, and her experiences during the Gift of Freedom grant.



Summer WoodSummer Wood, 4th Gift of Freedom Recipient

But for a writer to be that brave, she needs to know—to believe firmly, and to be reminded often—that there are people out there for whom the truth matters, people who need her stories.—Read more from Summer Wood’s Gift of Freedom application

Summer Wood is a fiction writer from New Mexico.  She is the recipient of the 4th Gift of Freedom Award.





Meredith HallMeredith Hall, 3rd Gift of Freedom Recipient

Writing is an entirely selfish act. In order to write, I must remove myself from the world. I must claim a universe of solitude around me like a silent star roaming in unbounded space. I can be in relation to no one.Read more from Meredith Hall’s Gift of Freedom application

Meredith Hall of Pownal, Maine is the recipient of the 3rd Gift of Freedom Award for Creative Nonfiction.  


Jeannine HarkleroadJeannine Harkleroad, 2nd Gift of Freedom Recipient

A carefully aligned series of events or objectives, each having their own obstacle, i.e my sculpture, have a force of their own. These objects are simply activated, their imperfections uncoil.—Jeannine Harkleroad

Jeannine Harkleroad, a sculptor from Richmond, Virginia is the recipient of the 2nd Gift of Freedom Award. 


Jennifer TsengJennifer Tseng, 1st Gift of Freedom Recipient

[T]o create a poem is to create a world.  I do so in order to engineer a logic of my own making, an arena in which records are set straight, confusions clarified, lost things found, strange doors opened.—Read more from Jennifer Tseng’s Gift of Freedom application

Jennifer Tseng, a poet from Los Angeles, is the recipient of the 1st Gift of Freedom Award.