Gift of Freedom Overview

 * In order to honor and provide space for the vital work of the new AROHO board, and with the exception of the AROHO Waves anthology, all programs and awards are suspended until further notice. We are grateful for your inspiration, and ask for your understanding, patience, and optimism as we embrace this evolutionary phase. Thank you for listening. Please keep writing, creating and connecting.


The Gift of Freedom application affords an extensive, disciplined process of introspection, evaluation, and planning all applicants can benefit from.  It has proven to be a valuable resource and tool, and is always available as a template, even when the application cycle for the award is closed.  After completing and sending in the application, many women report more full and fearless integration of their creative lives, setting aside their carpentry tools and odd jobs to take literary roles as teachers, mentors, and authors of stories that have changed lives with their telling.

We encourage you to view or download the application at any time.  Gift of Freedom Application

Because of the intense personal commitment required for the application process, women have many questions.  Visit the Gift of Freedom tab on our FAQ page for technical details, and the Q to benefit from grant-writing wisdom and writing samples that address many of the overarching issues the process raises.  Success, whether achieved through the Gift of Freedom grant or otherwise, requires women to let go of all doubts, and fully envision building the creative life they are worthy of.

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Anonymously screened with great care, distinguished finalists are selected in each genre from the pool of applicants.  Then, because of the commitment on the part of the ultimate grant recipient and AROHO to produce and bring a specific literary project to publication, genre finalists formally present their creative project plan to AROHO’s board. This is the final step in determining the Gift of Freedom winner.  One genre finalist is awarded the $50,000 Gift of Freedom and mentorship to complete her project.  The remaining genre finalists each receive a $5,000 prize.

View the Gift of Freedom Genre Finalist Showcase for amazing voices and projects worthy of distinction.

Genre Finalist Showcase



The Gift of Freedom grant period is a gift, resource, and partnership grounded in mutual respect: we believe in the collective import of our work; we believe in the power of our voices; we’re in this together.


Just as the application is for everyone at any time of their lives, the Gift of Freedom grant process, as it’s being lived, is there for everyone, too.  Thousands of women writers, as supported by AROHO, evolve in their creative and professional endeavors through the Gift of Freedom process. Thousands of women writers, as supported by AROHO, look to the winner and finalists for answers and inspiration.

Celebrate and experience the Gift of Freedom Grant through the eyes of the women who’ve been awarded the grant in the Gift of Freedom Winner Showcase.

Gift of Freedom Winner Showcase




20111108_4550bw_2Books are the tangible fulfillment of the promise of the Gift of Freedom.

View the Books the Gift of Freedom grant has directly funded, plus many other valuable works by women authors.