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* In order to honor and provide space for the vital work of the new AROHO board, and with the exception of the AROHO Waves anthology, all programs and awards are suspended until further notice. We are grateful for your inspiration, and ask for your understanding, patience, and optimism as we embrace this evolutionary phase. Thank you for listening. Please keep writing, creating and connecting.

$50,000 Gift of Freedom Award

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Awarding the $50,000 Gift of Freedom for an imagined yet unrealized poetry, fiction, or nonfiction project is AROHO’s most unique form of arts patronage.  More than a mere grant of financial assistance or recognition of artistic merit, the Gift of Freedom is a beacon, a map, and a destination, a critical public expression of the immeasurable value of women’s achievements, their stories, and their art.dcbsig2 copy2

Click for a complete overview of the Gift of Freedom Award, its application, finalist phase, grant recipients, and books.
Gift of Freedom Overview


$10,000 Shakespeare’s Sister Fellowship


A Room of Her Own Foundation, Hedgebrook, and the Lark Play Development Center are honored to partner together with award-winning actress, playwright, and author Ellen McLaughlin, to establish the Shakespeare’s Sister Fellowship.  This gestational, communal, and developmental fellowship offers a $10,000 prize, unique experiences with the three partnering organizations, and is the trifecta of playwriting opportunities for female playwrights.

Shakespeare’s Sister Overview: for details about the fellowship award, timeline, and criteria.

Shakespeare’s Sister Showcase: to see winners, finalists, and other announcements about the fellowship.



$1,000 To the Lighthouse & Clarissa Dalloway Book Prizes

175px-ToTheLighthouseMrs__Dalloway_coverThe $1,000 To the Lighthouse & Clarissa Dalloway Book Prizes are  awarded annually to one woman’s  unpublished poetry collection and one woman’s “everything but poetry” manuscript (respectively). Winners of both prizes receive $1000 and publication as well as  promotional efforts and coverage of some related travel expenses.

To the Lighthouse & Clarissa Dalloway Overview

To the Lighthouse & Clarissa Dalloway Showcase



$1,000 Orlando Prizes


Four Orlando prizes of $1,000 each and publication are awarded twice yearly for a poem, a short story, a short short story, and an essay by women writers.

Orlando Overview

Orlando Showcase