Our New Beginning Message

When you sit with truth long enough,

when you give it your steady company,

and especially when other women join you in a circle around it,

it begins to radiate new life.


Over a season of conscious waiting, our understanding of AROHO’s purpose has deepened, evolving into acceptance that the AROHO awards and retreat are no longer sustainable as they once were implemented and have long been known.

We know this might seem like a loss of hope, of a resource, of a community, even of a friend. It did to each of us, too, at first. But when you sit with truth long enough, when you give it your steady company, and especially when other women join you in a circle around it, it begins to radiate new life.

When women writers and artists sit together with the truth we become bonded and fearless. Stories, gifts and new beginnings spring up from the space that is created. Here, everything we can dream together is possible and anyone who wishes to keep company with the truth is welcome.

AROHO was born from two women keeping company with the unbeautiful truth, that they were isolated, that their needs were profound. In a circle of two, each of their deepest needs became their gifts, first to each other, and then to many others. And as the circle grew, so did the gifts. The circle is the first and biggest gift AROHO has ever had to give. And we believe the circle has room for everyone.

What AROHO gave to women writers and artists is part of our truth. We honor each AROHO gift that has been given and received, from Darlene’s and Mary’s initial gift, to writing groups, fellowships, festivals and presses being formed and project plans crafted, not to mention the powerful bonds of pure friendship that continue to ripple outward. We know now that this wave of generosity born from a circle of women is AROHO’s treasure. Unleashing this generous, reciprocal power in the service of each other is our future.

The New AROHO will inspire each of us to come together with our truth, manifest what we are missing, and gift each other freedom by demonstratively seeking our own. We are a generous, generative movement of women writers and artists who are ending our isolation by living our joy and artistic purpose in each other’s presence. We will make real and sustain the waves created by the radical connections between women writers and artists. We trust that, like us, you will begin to see the New AROHO as a momentous expansion born from each of our honest gifts, and a joyful, humble surrender to the power of the circle.

This is the work of a lifetime, and this circle is a lifeline, especially when what we need is so much. So, we invite you into a space where all women writers and artists are welcome. There, we will sit with our truth. We will look at the women beside us and know we are not alone. We will ask each other questions and share and build upon our responses within our growing circle.

Whenever and however we are in each other’s presence we are AROHO.

Darlene Chandler Bassett, Melissa Coss Aquino, Breena Clarke, Esther Cohen, Sunny Cooper, Tracey Cravens-Gras, Kristi Crutchfield Cox, Camille Endacott, Diane Gilliam, Bhanu Kapil, Kumkum Pareek Malik, Marianela Medrano, Marsha Pincus, Michelle Wing

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Our New Beginning Message

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